Palmetto Chapter of Traditional Small Craft Membership Registration

Greetings from the Palmetto Chapter of the Traditional Small CraftAssociation. We are a newly formed non-profit that encourages the study,construction and use of traditional small water craft before the marine gasoline engine. Variations of traditional designs in modernmaterials are welcome.

We join twenty-six other chapters around the country that each has their own unique regional flavor and goals. Typically, chapters plan a day to use their boats as a group to travel to and from a specific destination. Termed as “mess-abouts,” the event can take a few hours or a few days. Ideally, we would like to host a mess-about monthly regardless of weather. In addition to mess-abouts, other chapters elect to build a traditional boat or two. By incorporating creativity, teamwork, and fun, a vessel is constructed over several weekends, and then launched and used by members afterwards. A reasonable plan for our newly formed chapter is to start refurbishing boats already donated to us. After completing several restorations, we will build a vessel whose design will be chosen by the chapter. To build from scratch, we will use donations, club dues and merchandise, access to available grants, and good old fashioned head scratching in order to complete the project. The highest level of organization exists in several chapters that have established permanent buildings on the waterfront for achieving the goals of the Traditional Small Craft Association. The idea for spawning a local chapter in South Carolina was inspired by my visit to the Florida Gulf Coast T.S.C.A. It was a collection of a genuine maritime museum that contained examples of native technologies, ecology, pioneer innovation, excellent ship models, and all types of displays related to navigation and fishing. Furthermore, there is a maritime library in the same building dedicated to literature inspired by waterman, shipwrights, and historians. Additionally, next door to the maritime library and museum exists a full boat yard with multiple projects underway, hosting volunteers of all ages. All of this is packed into a small and nearly unheard of town named Cortez.


Commodore John Merritt


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  1. Tori says:

    Me and this atrlcie, sitting in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

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